• This baby lounger from Summer Infant has a special design that provides a gentle incline for your baby.
  • Super soft that it helps your baby to sleep in different positions.
  • The Tummy time position helps your baby to develop his muscles, shoulder, neck and head in a healthy way.
  • This laid back lounger is special as it grows with your baby and can be used through 3 stages.
    Stage 1: it can be used as a newborn lounger where your little can sleep, lay back, relax and play with the toys hanged in the bar.
    Stage 2: as your little grows, they start move and roll, this lounger at this stage can work perfectly as a timmy time mat and a place to play in the same time as the bar includes 2 detachable toys.
    Stage 3: in order to teach your little how to sit in, you can fold the lounger in half and let them sit up and lay back on their own.


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